RepToolsSSD Includes
The Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT)
• Selected Characteristics of Occupations (SCO)
• Materials, Products, Subject Matter, & Services (MPSMS)
• Work Fields - Now with expanded definitions from the Revised Handbook for Analyzing Jobs
• Occupational Aptitude Patterns (OAP)
• The Medical Vocational Guidelines (The GRIDS)
• Link from each DOT code to the
O*NET OnLine
• Links to SSRs useful for citations
• Definitions of terms used in the DOT, helps to cross examine vocational experts
• Various Cross Examinations of VE’s and ME’s
• Past Relevant Work checklist

New as of 11/27/20 - Major upgrade. Free if you already own RepToolsSSD
• Updated SGA numbers for 2021.
• Now using 4D version 18 which is compatible with 64 bit operating systems.

New as of 3/29/15 - Major upgrade. Free if you already own RepToosSSD
Updated RepToolsSSD with information from Attorneys David Chermol & Karl Osterhout at the 2015 NADR Conference including:
• VE Cross: Sit-stand option without more specificity being given
• VE Cross: Composite Job set up

Created a new “Other Hearing info” button which includes:
• Objections to the VE's qualifications
• Do not ask the ultimate question
• ALJ asks “Whether any treating source declined or refused to endorse disability”
• ALJ has hypo with “low stress work” without any definition
• RFC hypo must be identical to the RFC finding in the decision
• VE testimony cannot be relied upon where...

Created a “Custom” button, which you can use to enter anything of your own that you want quick access to during the hearing. For example:
• Your own cross examinations
• Your theory of the case
• Opening and closing statement
• Your hypothetical questions for a specific claimant
• A list of questions you will ask your claimant
• A list of accommodations that your claimant has had, e,g. a job coach, allowed reduced productivity, etc.
• Reference materials that you would normally have on paper that you might want to quote
• A list of exhibits that have opinions
You can have the items sort the way you want them to.
Fixed some font issues on the Windows platform so that information is easier to read.

New as of 8/8/16 - Major upgrade. Free if you already own RepToolsSSD
• Latest version is compatible with Windows 7 through Windows 10.

New as of 12/24/14 - Major upgrade. Free if you already own RepToolsSSD
• Added Cross examinations of Vocational Experts and Medical Experts.
• Added checklist for determining whether work was Past Relevant Work.
• Added Substantial Gainful Activity dollar amounts for use in determining whether work was SGA for a particular year.

New as of 8/24/14
at the request of one of the users of RepToolsSSD - Added a report on transferable skills for any DOT occupation. The report includes complete information on MPSMS (including group information), Work Fields, and Industry. Definitions of all of the terms are also reported.
• Moved up to version 13.5 of the 4th Dimension programming language. It is still compatible with Windows XP. Macintosh compatibility is now at 10.6.8 or higher.

New as of 8/26/13 - Major upgrade. Free if you already own RepToolsSSD.

• Vocational Expert Survey results from the 2013 NADR Conference presented by Kathryn Heatherly, MA, CRC, CDMS, LPC. See what 233 VE’s had to say about:
- Absences per month
- Percentage of time off-task
- Supervisors and co-workers
- One – two step tasks
- Unable to work with general public: Light work
• See what occupations VEs said claimants could do with these hypotheticals:
- Sit/Stand option: Light, unskilled work
- Sit/Stand option: Sedentary, unskilled work
- Non-dominant hand: Light work
- Non-dominant hand: Sedentary work
- Dominant hand: Light work
- Dominant hand: Sedentary work
- Need to elevate one or both legs
- Non-English speaking: Light work
• Plus more. See the
Fixes and improvements.pdf document.

Save information about your claimant
• DOT codes of interest for a claimant & automatic find of these codes
• Claimant's Vocational Profile
• Hypotheticals based on DOT/SCO characteristics
• General Aptitude Test Battery (CareerScope) scores

Answers questions
• Transferable skills
• Whether the person has the aptitude to perform the job
• Reports how the software narrows down the searches
• Shows the occupations that were found and enables you to print them
• Definitions of frequently used terms
• Links to the Code of Federal Regulations and Social Security Rulings

Powerful ways to find information
• Look in multiple fields at the same time (user configurable)
• Pre-programmed finds
• Advanced Find interface

• $399 for a 50 year lease of the current version at the present time
• $249 for members of NADR (National Association of Disability Representatives)
• Free updates for an undetermined period of time
• The right to use the software on up to 3 computers and cross platform
• Software support by e-mail and telephone

How this software is different - as far as we are aware & we will correct it if we are wrong...
• No other software saves DOT codes of interest and automatically finds them for you.
• No other DOT software helps determine the claimants vocational profile and helps you to find the grid rules.
• No other software saves hypotheticals based on DOT/SCO characteristics.
• The method of finding transferable skills is simpler to perform than other software.
• No other software reports how searches narrow down the occupations that are found.
• No other DOT software provides the breadth of definition of terms and links to the CFR and SSRs.
• As far as we are aware, there is no other software of this kind that runs on the Macintosh natively.
• No other DOT software lets you use it on up to three computers & cross platform.
• No attempt is made to estimate the numbers of occupations in specific DOT occupations.
• No other software applies GATB scores to the DOT in a simpler manner for the user.

LOVE Rep Tools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - David F. Chermol, Esquire

Cross platform
Windows 7 through Windows 10. A separate version available on this website coded in 4D v15.
• Windows 10 64 bit

• Will
not run on iPad or Surface RT tablets

Macintosh OS X
• Mohave
• Catalina

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